About Us

Our Story


Esteam was established in 1994, by the Mehta family in Mumbai, India

In 1999, the company began working with a women’s cooperative in Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra which owned the factory where its products were produced. This female-only co-operative was created in order to help local females out of destitute conditions.

Samir and Devang Mehta were instrumental in collaborating with the Co-operative to provide women a safe working environment which would enable them to earn decent wages in good working conditions.

Esteam provided this cooperative with orders and trained the workers, to achieve International Quality Standards. We achieved recognition from our customer and was the 1st Garment factory in the Ichalkaranji which could manufacture as per the International Standards.

In 2006, the Management of the Co-operative decided to stop the Co-opeartive for unknown reasons. Noticing the probable discontinuation of the co-operative, Esteam stepped-in and offered the female workers the opportunity to continue working in the garment manufacturing or else the female workers would have ended up working in the PowerloomSetor where the working conditions are exhaustive and hazardous.

As the Internationl demand increased and the female workers wanted to continue to work with Esteam, a new state of the factory was built at a new site and owned by Esteam. The main selling-point to the workers was that this factory would be like no other in the area – it would be operated as not just India’s, but Asia’s leading ethically-sound garment manufacturing sites. The Female workers were provided transportation to and fro from theie homes in Ichalkaranji.

Both Samir Mehta and Devang worked very hard to build the Factory at par with International Standards. The First Accreditation they received was 2007, from Marks and Spencer’s, and several other companies followed to make their Production in their factory.

In 2008, Esteam opened a European office in Manchester, UK to handle customer-care, sales & marketing, and onward logistics. Both, Esteam Apparel and Esteam Europe are registered with the Fairtrade Foundation and have achieved various ethical and workplace accreditations that are detailed on the following pages.

The New Miraj Factory celebrated its 12th anniversary in 2019, with many of the original co-operative workers still employed at the site.

We are a speacialist manufacturer of returnable packaging solutions and Workwear with an underlying mission of making a positive impact on a global scale. We guarantee living/legal wages, access to safe working conditions, healthcare, and other tools workers need to thrive.

Fair Trade Certified

As members of FLO Cert ( Fairtrade Cotton Certification Body ) and GOTS ( Organic Cotton Certification Body, we guarantee ethical production at the grassroots level and strive to provide quality products that are manufactured using strict guidelines that include living/legal wages, gender equality.

Visit our Fair Trade page to learn more about Fairtrade.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Our products are eco-friendly as we use the finest GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton, dyes, and water-based inks. Our mission is to better our environment with sustainable products for generations to come and using GOTS Certified organic cotton helps us make sure our environment is fully protected. Our goal is to help companies like yours share your story and celebrate your brand while making a positive environmental impact and improving the lives of those who are part of the production process.

By partnering with like-minded organizations such as Fair Trade and GOTS, we are able to guarantee

  • • Eco-friendly and sustainable materials
  • • Enriching the livelihood of farmers and factory workers
  • • Honoring safe labor conditions, fair and legal wages and healthcare
  • • Alleviating poverty and fighting the battle against unethical labor practices
  • • Creating fashion-forward designs that do not impede on our environment


Returnable Textile Packaging Systems

Since 2012, Esteam has specialized in custom packaging design and manufacture of suspended fabric Dunnage assemblies and Sleeve Pack and liners for in-process and returnable materials handling systems. Our specialty is innovative returnable packaging design and manufacture of custom engineered returnable textile packaging systems in Small Container, FLC and steel containers for work in process (WIP) and shipping.

We provide customers with testile dunnage solutions for their material handling needs and product protection. Our products are used in handling a broad range of manufactured parts of automotive interiors and exteriors, appliances, electronics, aerospace, aviation and other parts with delicate or special handling requirements.


We produce a range of high-quality work-wear garments to suit both the professionals and the DIY enthusiast markets. We are experts in Chef wear, Boiler suits, Bib &Braces;Work Shirts, Trousers, and Medical Scrubs.

These are manufactured in our usual high standards by adopting our rigorous quality management procedures. Again, we can offer bespoke product that is tailored to the exact design and needs of the customer.

Following the success of our usual work-wear products we now offer lines of work-wear able to stand the rigours of everyday use in kitchens for the restaurant and hotel environments. These can be manufactured to suit corporate requirements and are available in various sizes.

All garments are packaged in individual printed polybags to suit your needs. Labels, insignia, and swing-tickets may be specified to suit customer requirements.

• Bespoke range available – different styles and colours to reflect your brand

• Branding – embroidery & transfers adding your logo and names to your garments

Chef Uniforms - Chef Apparel from Head-to-Toe

Having an appearance that is both comfortable and professional is a top priority for any chef. At Esteam, we know culinary attire has to be durable, to last through those long hours in steamy kitchens but still make you feel confident and cool. Our Chef Clothing include functional chef jackets, kitchen shirts with cooling technology, Chefpants, Bib, /Waist and Butchers aprons and Chef Caps. We also offer custom embroidery to add extra flare to your chef jacket and look. At Esteam, we have a wide selection of high-quality cooking apparel and uniforms in a variety of sizes, colours, and style.

Why We Do it


We believe Fair trade makes a big difference in the people who grow and make the things we love. By partnering with a Fair Trade Certified factory, we can ensure dignified work conditions, legal wages, benefits and pension plans to help workers thrive.


We use the finest, non-toxic materials such as GOTS certified organic cotton to help conserve natural resources, save energy and to lower gas emissions. Conventional cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop in the world!

Our Promise

To make sustainable branded products that are good for both the environment and the people making them.


  • • Alleviating poverty and the exploitation of the farmers and workers making the products.
  • • Creating a healthier outdoor environment with chemical and toxin free ingredients.
  • • Honoring safe labor conditions, fair and legal wages and healthcare
  • • Enriching the lives of farmers and factory workers with fair trade wages and healthcare.
  • • Supporting the sustainable and eco-friendly product industry

You make our story possible

By choosing our Fair Trade and GOTS certified organic cotton products, you join the movement of transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain.

As a brand holder, your choices affect the livelihoods of our surrounding environments, including the health of local family farmers and ecosystems. Therefore, it is important to make conscientious efforts towards healthy and sustainable choices.